Ride Your Wave

Het romantisch verhaal over de mysterieuze liefde tussen een surfster en een brandweerman.

Wonderfully hyper-romantic, mystical and summery Japanese animation film about a young student who falls in love with a firefighter and then has to let go of him after his sudden death. About how sublime it is to love someone very much and how you can say goodbye to your great love in a wonderful, fantastically original way.

Minato is a young firefighter who always wants to do the right thing. But meanwhile he dreams of the tall girl with auburn hair, who surfs the waves so effortlessly every day. As free as Hinako feels at sea, she feels clumsy on land. An adorable meet-cute brings them together and a summer of love at the beach follows. It’s their first crush that has all it takes to be forever. Until suddenly all the color disappears from the world. He dies. But in that intense mourning something wonderful happens. The universe is opening up so that they can say goodbye in a magnificent, magical way.

Yuasa Masaaki is one of the most inventive and exciting anime directors around today. With his very recognizable style, somewhere between Pop-art and Gauguin, his humor and his energetic, quirky characters, he is placed in the illustrious list of Miyazaki (Ghibli) and Shinkai (Your Name). In this movie, Yuasa teams up with Reiko Yoshida (A Silent Voice). Her insight into the emotional life of young adults coupled with its dreamy lightness makes it a film that leaves you very happy. Winner of the Best Animated Feature award at Fantasia, Sitges and the Shanghai International Film Festival.

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Minami Ichikawa
Masaki Yuasa
Masanori Yumiya
Masakazu Kubo
Kei Morita
Akihito Watanabe
SCHEDULE Yoko Matsuzaki
CHIEF PRODUCER Yoshihiko Taneda
PRODUCERS Yuka Okayasu
Eunyoung Choi
CO PRODUCERS Ichiryu Obara
Daisuke Shiori
SCREEN PLAY Reiko Yoshida


Takashi Kojima
Tom Kimura
Kenji Zemba
Hiroyuki Aoyama

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