The Velvet Queen

In The Velvet Queen neemt een van ’s werelds meest gerenommeerde natuurfotografen Vincent Munier, schrijver Sylvain Tesson mee op een onderzoeksmissie, in een poging om een glimp op te vangen van de zeldzame sneeuwluipaard.

In the beautiful and unexplored frozen peaks and valleys of the Tibetan highlands, world-renowned wildlife photographer Vincent Munier and writer and adventurer Sylvain Tesson set out in search of one of the rarest big cats: the snow leopard. The snow leopard, a true master of camouflage, has long been on the radar of the gentlemen and cannot be photographed just like that. Munier and Tesson move peacefully across the majestic landscape and encounter more wildlife that is at least as fascinating. During the journey, the two friends find a shared appreciation for nature and celebrate the beauty of the world. The Velvet Queen is a mesmerizingly silent documentary with a fitting score composed by Warren Ellis along with Nick Cave. It’s a deeply philosophical journey with beautiful images of a place many of us will never set foot on. The documentary shows us that beauty is always there, ready to expose itself to people who are actually watching.

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